Assisting Law Enforcement

A top priority for YumyHub is the safety of our community. In order to keep our community secure, we engage closely with law enforcement in each of the areas where we do business.

I work in the criminal justice system. How can I reach YumyHub?

We have a committed team that responds to requests from law enforcement for information or assistance. We have a special guide set up to assist Law Enforcement in getting in touch with us, which is available here.

How does YumyHub collaborate with the police?

YumyHub assists law enforcement in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Helping them to develop policy on online safety and harm prevention and detection methods,
  • Including age and user verification and content moderation, sharing best practices on identifying suspicious/illegal activity online,and
  • Assisting them in the investigation of suspected criminal activity by providing certified records in court proceedings.

What specific details does YumyHub give to law enforcement?

To keep our community safe, we scrutinize each piece of content that is posted on our site and gather thorough data from Fans and Creators.

On YumyHub, there is no end-to-end encryption, and user data is made public so that YumyHub can offer thorough and useful information about prospective suspects or victims of crime so long as law enforcement has the legal right to seek it. If available, the following details could be included:

  • Legal title
  • Username, Profile, URL, Email, and IP data
  • Call-in number
  • Payment address
  • Data on invoicing and payment transactions
  • credit card details (must include first six and last four numbers of the credit card, dates and times of suspected transactions, and the legal name of the account holder)
  • Information about the message’s content

This aids in the investigation of illegal activity, the prosecution of offenders, and the protection of victims of crime.

How quickly does YumyHub respond to law enforcement requests?

All requests for help and information from law enforcement are reviewed and addressed by a dedicated team of ours.

If a person is in urgent danger of dying or suffering a major physical injury, the situation is escalated to senior management right away.

All non-urgent demands from law enforcement will be addressed by us within 24 to 48 hours.

How frequently do law enforcement agencies ask YumyHub for help?

We keep track of and make public the number of requests for help we get from law enforcement. These details can be seen in our transparency reports.

How can law enforcement obtain user content and information that is protected by the YumyHub paywall?

The YumyHub paywall is in place to protect our community by preventing access to material for those who have not gone through our onboarding process and to guarantee Creators retain ownership of their content.

We are aware that non-governmental organizations and law enforcement may require access to information that is restricted by a paywall. Please abide by our Law Enforcement Guidance if a law enforcement official requests any such information.

How do I inform YumyHub of allegedly illegal content?

There is a report button next to each post and account on YumyHub. Please press the report button right away if you come across any YumyHub content that you think might be unlawful. Additionally, you can alert us to content that may be illegal by emailing