Creators Featured in Content

If any other person appears in your content, you must either:

  • Add a YumyHub tag for that person.
  • If they don’t already have one, kindly ask them to sign up for YumyHub. If they are unable to do so, you will need to send a copy of their photo ID and relevant release paperwork before the content may be placed.
  • Simply use the @ symbol to identify a Creator’s account. In order to create a card at the bottom of your article that connects to their profile, you may also use their complete URL, “>”.

Creator accounts must include the ID of the individual who has successfully completed YumyHub’s ID verification process and whose ID is on file with YumyHub.

To learn more, please read our Terms of Service.

Please note that even if an account includes content from other producers, the majority of it must be created by the person whose ID YumyHub has on record and who has successfully completed all ID verification procedures.

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