Discounted and promotional subscriptions

Creators can provide a range of discounts to their followers:

  1. Free trial subscriptions – For the first billing cycle, the Creator has set the discount to a 100% discount. The Fan needs to sign up for the subscription in order for it to renew. Except when the fan explicitly agrees to renew for the subscription fee, it will not automatically renew.
  2. Subscription discounts – the Creator is running a profile promotion campaign. For their monthly membership, a creator may establish a discount. The subscriptions are set by default to auto-renew once the promotional billing term has passed. The first billing month is the only one that qualifies for the lower pricing.
  3. The price reduction is based on a monthly subscription fee for Creators. The least amount that may be advertised is $3. Therefore, the Creator can only provide a maximum discount of 50% if a monthly subscription costs $6, for instance. The Creator can give a maximum discount of 90% if a monthly subscription costs $30.

    In either situation, the subscription price changes to the full price subscription following the expiration of the billing period with the promotional amount.

  4. Individual subscription discounts – The Creator may provide individual discounts to particular fans. A Creator can choose a discount percentage (5–40%) and time frame (1–12 months) for each unique fan to provide a special, individual discount. The newly individually discounted price will be charged for any active membership when the new billing cycle begins.