USA Sales Tax Information

Please take note that this notification explains the sales tax requirements we have for contributions made by US-based fans. If you are a Fan in the EU, please refer to this help issue for information on how VAT will be applied to your payments:

Recent legislation in numerous states mandates the application of sales tax to purchases made through “internet marketplaces.” These restrictions were initially intended to protect larger streaming services, but due to the way they were designed and are being applied, they are also having an effect on a wide range of businesses, including YumyHub.

Depending on your location and the payment mechanism, sales tax may or may not be added to your fan payment. Not all states demand that sales tax be added to purchases, and not all payment types will be subject to tax.

You will see a separate line item for sales tax on your receipt if there is a sales tax in effect where you are. Each state with a sales tax requirement will use its own rate. Your local government will get a direct payment from YumyHub for the Sales Tax it has collected.