Protect your Online Identity on YumyHub

Can I safeguard my online identity as a YumyHub content creator and be safe if I’m thinking about launching a YumyHub Account? Yes, in a nutshell. You can have a prosperous YumyHub career while preserving your online persona. Additionally, as YumyHub creators, we have some excellent tips on how to stay safe and safeguard your online identity.

Our Promise to You

In order to give creators and fans a safe platform, we are dedicated to creating the safest digital media platform in the world. We also go above and above what is expected of us by law and our peers. All the while maximizing the ability of Creators and Fans to manage and profit from the legal content that they create and consume.

If Possible, Use A Stage Name

You can always use a stage name, just like musicians, actresses, and artists have done for ages!

Apart from the fact that it allows you to hide your identity from followers and other users online, choosing a clever stage name may be a lot of fun. In the long run, it might even help your career. Think about the following:

A stage name might make you stand out from the crowd if your name is common or you share it with a famous person. By using a stage name, you can create a completely different identity that more accurately represents you as a creator and encourages your creativity. Why be another “Brittany” when you can be Bella, Ms. Bella, or Mrs. Bella? You may find it simpler to advertise your brand if you use stage names! Wouldn’t you like to click on Ms. Bella’s Show rather than Brittany’s Show?

Don’t Post Revealing or Personal Information

Making ensuring that everyone on the platform is who they claim to be is crucial to keeping our YumyHub community secure. We put a lot of work into figuring out the age and identity of YumyHub’s creator and fans. But we never sell or otherwise disseminate that information to third parties (without a good legal reason to do so). We do not expect you to either!

Be careful what you put on YumyHub, and avoid posting things like your personal email, home address, or phone number. For obvious reasons.

But you should also think about concealing your less evident personal information. We’re discussing information like your location (city, state, or even country), your career history, or certain specifics about your family history. You may be ambiguous. Try using something like “When I am not working at my day job, I am having fun with the west coast night life” in your bio rather than specifics like “Dental Hygienist by day, dancer in Orange County by night.”

Keep in mind that YumyHub is an online community. Meeting up in person between fans and creators is not permitted! To ensure your safety, bear in mind that we review all of the content on our platform. Therefore, if you distribute data or content that jeopardizes your security, we will delete it.

YumyHub Lets You Protect Your Online Identity

Make your YumyHub account private as another approach to safeguard your online identity as a creator of content on YumyHub. Going private allows you to control who in the YumyHub community can and cannot see your content, view your interactions with fans and other creators, or even know when you’re online.

Take the time to examine the range of strong security measures we provide since you are in charge, and they can help you safeguard your content and keep your account secret. You can, for instance, turn off the “Show activity status” feature or block specific users from commenting on your posts. Even viewers can’t DM you without your permission.

Go to your “Settings,” select “Privacy and safety,” and turn on “Fully private profile” to fully enable private mode. Some accounts will by default be set to Private, depending on the type of content you post.

Make Your Online Identity Unknown

Some YumyHub creators are still being even more circumspect! There are many successful accounts that have been created by people who cover their faces or other distinguishing characteristics like tattoos, piercings, birthmarks, etc. This can be a fantastic justification for beginning your wig collection!

However, keep in mind that for safety purposes, we do need to know that you are the creator of the post. Consider that when browsing the costume closet.

You Can Count on Us

Our top priority at YumyHub is to make sure that all platform users are safe. We are devoted to keeping you secure and safeguarding your personal information because we value your privacy. In order to keep our systems and your data private, we take a number of steps to do this, such as conducting age and identification checks and investing in cutting-edge technology.

Additionally, to further secure your account and prevent unauthorized access, we advise you to enable two-step authentication on your account. In “Settings,” you may enable two-step authentication, and you can sign in using the Authenticator app or by SMS. You can further protect your identity with the help of these features.

Visit our Safety and Transparency Center to learn more about the steps we’re taking to make the YumyHub community as a whole safe.

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