Tap into the Power of YumyHub Messaging

Every social media site offers messaging capabilities. However, one of the most effective methods for creators to interact with their audience and make money is through YumyHub messages. To maintain your fans and develop relationships with your subscribers, direct messages (DMs) are crucial. Buckle up because there are endless original ways you may use YumyHub messages to increase your earnings.

Variety adds Flavor

Of course, you can always DM your followers in text-only format. But isn’t it true that variety adds flavor to life?

You can record a voice note or attach images or videos to messages on YumyHub. Changing up the types of media you share via direct message is a fantastic strategy to keep your followers interested and fired up!

Automate your Welcome Messages

Making subscribers feel valued and appreciated in your community is crucial for keeping fans. But it doesn’t have to take a lot of time.

Automated welcome messages are a good way to introduce yourself, welcome your fans, and let them know what to anticipate from your YumyHub. Go to Settings > Chats to create one for yourself. You can upload media or make your message text-only (such as photos or videos).

Send Bulk Messages

You may want to send a bulk message to all of your fans for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you want to let them know about an awesome live stream you have scheduled. You could wish to inform them of some intriguing upcoming stuff.

Maybe you want to provide as many of your fans the chance to access some of your most exclusive content through a message that is blocked by a paywall.

Just go to your homepage, click the message button, followed by the plus icon, to send a message to all of your fans at once. These techniques can also be used to communicate with only the fans you have categorized into a certain list.

Send Paid Messages

PPV messages, often known as “paid messages,” are messages with content that your fans must pay to see. One of the most well-liked ways to monetize YumyHub is through this function, which is accessible to both free and paid accounts.

PPV messages are a fantastic method to connect to your fan base while also increasing your income. This is so that you, the creator, can interact with your fans directly and personally invite them to unlock your most exclusive content.

Receive Tips

You can get tips from your fans in your DMs, which is a significant benefit of YumyHub’s messaging system. Your chances of getting tipped increase as you engage with your fans more personally through messaging.

One of the most inventive ways creators have used tipping in direct messages is through tip menus. In exchange for a predetermined tip amount, a creator will offer a selection of personalized content or engagement. If you want to try this kind of engagement for yourself, we advise making a tip menu your pinned post on your page so that fans can readily access it.

Free accounts frequently have a large number of followers, which results in getting numerous messages. You can configure your free page such that fans must tip before messaging you. This will ensure that the only fans that contact you are those who genuinely like your work and your content.

Go to Settings > Chats to turn this on. You might be shocked by the number of fans who will pay only to communicate with you.

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