YumyHub VS OnlyFans Referral Program Comparison

OnlyFans use to offer a Lifetime Referral program with unlimited payout. In 2020, OnlyFans announced that starting May 1, referral earnings will only last for a year – a change that impacted content creators incomes in a serious way.

OnlyFans current referral payout is still 5% of the referred creators earnings, but only for the first 12 months of their account. It is also limited to the first $1 million dollars earned by each referred creator, which only allows referrers to earn up to $50,000.00 per Referred Creator.

OnlyFans takes it Away. YumyHub brings it BACK!

YumyHub decided to bring back the Lifetime 5% Referral Program with Unlimited payout. YumyHub is a new Fan Platform that offers all of the features you like while bringing back what you love.

YumyHub knows how much of a negative impact the limited referral program has had on creators incomes. YumyHub was launched for the Sole purpose of bringing back the lifetime referral program and giving the power and income back to creators.

Below is a comparison chart so you can see the exact impact (limited vs unlimited) referral programs has on your earnings.

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