Complaints Policy

This document outlines our complaints procedure. This Complaints Policy is a component of your contract with us if you use YumyHub.

    1. Who we are and how to reach us: Yumy Brands, LLC runs YumyHub. Our registered office is located at 1001 S Main St #49 in Kalispell, MT 59901 and we are a limited liability corporation registered in Montana with business registration number C1292224.
    2. Interpretation: The definitions of terms used in this Complaints Policy are the same as those used for all Users in the Terms of Use. In addition, “business days” refers to any day that is not a U.S. public holiday, Saturday, or Sunday.
    3. Who may utilize this complaints policy? You may utilize this Complaints Policy to inform us of any issue you have with YumyHub whether or not you are a User of YumyHub.
    4. How to file a complaint: If you have a complaint about YumyHub (including any complaint regarding Content appearing on YumyHub or the behavior of a User), send it to along with your name, address, contact information, a description of your complaint, and, if it relates to Content, the URL for the Content in question.

Please write to us at the following address if you are unable to reach us by email: 1001 S Main St #49 in Kalispell, MT 59901

    1. How we will respond to claims of unlawful or consensual content: Following receipt of your complaint of illegal or non-consensual Content under section 5 above:
      • We will take the steps we deem necessary to investigate your complaint within a timeframe that is appropriate to your complaint’s nature;
      • If we need additional information or documents from you, we will contact you to let you know;
      • We will in good faith investigate your complaint within seven (7) business days;
      • If we are satisfied that the Content is illegal, we will let you know.

We reserve the right, at our expense, to submit any controversy relating to our finding that the Content is non-consensual to a neutral arbitration association.

  1. How we’ll respond to copyright infringement complaints: Copyright infringement complaints must be filed in compliance with our DMCA Policy, and we will handle them according to the guidelines outlined in that policy.
  2. How we’ll respond to other grievances: If we need additional information or documents from you, we will let you know. If we receive any additional complaints (including complaints relating to other violations of our Acceptable Use Policy) under section 5 above,
    • We will act in good faith and take the necessary steps to investigate your complaint and address it.
    • We will act immediately to delete any content that has been the subject of your complaint and is found to otherwise violate our Acceptable Use Policy.
    • However, we are not required to let you know how your complaint turned out.
  3. Unfounded or harsh complaints: If you use YumyHub, you guarantee that you won’t file any claims under this complaints policy that are totally unfounded, abusive, or made in bad faith. We reserve the right to suspend or delete your User account if we find that you have violated this warranty.