Your location affects the payout options that are offered.

You may view your Payout Request, Pending Balance, and Earnings on your Statements page.

The amount you have earned over the last week is the Pending Balance. On a rolling 7-day basis, your earnings are made available for withdrawal from the Current Balance.

Creators in a select few nations that have a large volume of reversed transactions will have Pending Balances for a 21-day period. Payouts change on a rolling 7-day basis after four months have passed since the first earned transaction.

Please be aware that if a fan successfully requests or initiates a refund or chargeback, you will see an adjustment in your statements page for the amount. Any earnings that have been reversed or altered are shown in the Status column on the Statements page.

All withdrawal requests are handled instantly, and bank payouts will show up in 3-5 business days.