Promotional Campaigns

Limited-time discounts are available through promotional campaigns, which Creators can use to draw in new Fans. Promotional programs are not free, however they can be discounted subscriptions (by up to 90%). The discount %, offer cap, and expiration date are all customizable by creators. Only paying accounts are eligible for promotional programs.

To start a marketing campaign:

  • Ensure that the Settings have a subscription price set.
  • Visit your profile page or the promotions page.
  • Simply select “Add a Promotional Campaign.”
  • By default, it will open the “Discount” tab.
  • Decide on the discount rate you want. 90% is the maximum discount.
  • Decide when the promotional campaign will end.
  • Choose how many reduced subscriptions you want to offer. In this manner, just a select few new or lapsed users will be able to take advantage of the discount.
  • After you launch a marketing campaign, a notice containing your message to fans will show up on your profile.

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