Stolen Content on Third-Party Sites

YumyHub views content theft as a significant issue.

  • For any alleged copyright infringement, our authorized Copyright team issues formal takedown notifications.
  • All of our Creators are given free use of our Copyright team’s services.
  • Our copyright team notifies major search engines of these violations and posts notices on all illegal target websites, hosting providers, and domain registrars.

Creators must submit all pertinent information and accompanying materials via a support ticket in order to report copyright infringement. Please include the page’s URL as well as any necessary screenshots. You can also choose the option “This content contains stolen material (DMCA)” when you click “Report” next to the copyright-infringing post.

The amount of time it takes to remove content depends on the offending website and the proper legal procedure in each individual case. Please be aware that YumyHub does not directly control the behavior of other websites, but we will do everything in our power to have any stolen content removed. You are welcome to contact the website directly as well.