Tip not working

If one of the following errors appeared when you tried to send a tip:

  • Card not accepted
  • Enter another card
  • Successful liability shift for enrolled card is required
  • Transaction could not be processed at this time.

The following reasons are why advice might not be effective:

  • You typed your credit card information incorrectly
  • Insufficient funds in your account Incorrect information you entered regarding your address, zip code, or postal code
  • Reaching the daily cap that YumyHub has placed on your account
    • Please try again tomorrow since the limitations are refreshed every day.
  • A cap on online purchases imposed by your bank or credit card company. If your bank is preventing your purchases, we are unable to offer more details. You should ask your card’s issuer for more information.
  • Your bank can have an IP verification system that limits your purchases if you accessed YumyHub through a proxy or VPN. To find out why your card was rejected, you must contact your bank.