Troubleshooting Two-Step Verification

Common Solutions

  • – Cut off all VPN connections.
  • – Double check to make sure you are typing the latest recent code. Every time you launch the Authenticator app and every 30 seconds while the app is in use, the app produces a fresh 6-digit code.
  • – Try reinstalling the Authenticator app after deleting it. To avoid losing access to your account, make sure to disable two-step verification before uninstalling the app. Once the app has been successfully reinstalled, you can enable two-step verification once more.

When I enter the code given to me by my Authenticator app, I get the “Incorrect Code” error.

Verify the time and date on your device. The time on your Authenticator app is likely not properly synced, which is the most frequent reason for the “Incorrect Code” issue.

For Android users that utilize Google Authenticator:

  • Open the Google Authenticator app and go to the Main Menu.
  • Choose Settings, Time correction for codes, and Sync now.

iOS (iPhone) users:

  • Open the iPhone Settings App (your phone settings area)
  • Choose General, Date & Time, and Enable Set Automatically.
  • If it is already enabled, turn it off, give it a brief moment, then turn it back on.

I’m unable to get an Authenticator app on my phone; what are my other choices for verification?

You have two choices if you want to enable two-step verification for added protection but don’t have access to a smartphone:

  1. Download Microsoft Authenticator on your computer here (Windows users only):
  2. Go to the Two Step Verification page in the “Privacy and safety” Settings of your YumyHub account using a desktop web browser, such as Google Chrome:

Select “display codes”

  • Make a copy of the backup codes shown on your screen and save them securely.
  • Please be aware that each backup code may only be used once.

I misplaced my phone or I got a new one

Go to your YumyHub account’s “Privacy and safety” Settings using a desktop browser, such as Google Chrome:

  • To utilize the SMS code, select the alternative verification methods button (you should have a connected and verified phone number associated with your profile).
  • Turn off two-step verification.
  • Install the Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator app on your new phone.
  • Re-enable two-factor authentication with your new phone.

My account was hacked, thus two step verification was turned on.

  • Please send an email to from the email address connected to your compromised YumyHub account.
  • Requesting the clearing of all sessions, two-step verification, and payment card data.
  • Once that is finished, you can ask for a link to reset your account’s password using the “Forgot password” feature.
  • We advise changing your email address and enabling two-step verification using the instructions above if you think your email may have been compromised.
  • If you are a Creator and you do not have access to the email account connected to your OnlyFans account, you must use two other pieces of identification to prove that you are the owner of the account.
  • The email address linked to your YumyHub Account may be changed after verification by YumyHub Support Staff.

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