Our Commitment to Safety & Transparency

YumyHub is dedicated to creating the world’s safest digital media platform. We already have several policies and processes in place to guarantee the safety of our Creators and Fans, but we have made the decision to take things a step further.

We have made the decision to hire an impartial third party, whom we refer to as a “Monitor,” to evaluate and confirm the conception, application, and efficacy of our compliance program. By carefully examining how to maintain our platform safe (through our safety controls) and how to become even safer, we are able to provide even greater transparency into our safety compliance program. We will be able to provide even more insight into our market-leading safety procedures thanks to this endeavor.

YumyHub is pleased to be the first social networking site to proactively take this precaution to safeguard its consumers.

What exactly is a monitor and what does it do?

YumyHub does not use a Monitor. The Monitor is an impartial third party whose responsibility it is to assess our safety program, including our policies and procedures, as well as our staff, to ensure that we are taking all reasonable steps to maintain the safety of our platform. The Monitor will offer suggestions on how we can uphold our basic principles, comply with the law, and follow industry best practices.

The Monitor is who.

How does the Monitor function?

The Monitor studies our industry, puts our processes to the test, and informs us of areas where we may improve. Speaking with YumyHub employees and management, reviewing company safety policies and procedures, reviewing data and trends relating to safety-related metrics, and comparing YumyHub’s safety program to similar platforms and legal requirements are just a few of the things the Monitor will be doing.

To whom may I reach out with inquiries?

Contact us at compliance@yumyhub1stg.wpenginepowered.com if you have any questions or issues regarding our volunteer Monitorship.