Tackling Hate Speech

YumyHub provides a platform for creators and fans to freely express themselves and be who they are. This dedication to free speech coexists with our platform’s rights to guarantee the safety of creators and fans. On our site, YumyHub does not accept threats, hate speech, or discrimination.

What kind of content are prohibited on YumyHub?

According to the YumyHub Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy, among other things, YumyHub prohibits content that: contains, promotes, advertises or refers to hate speech (being Content intended to vilify, humiliate, dehumanize, exclude, attack, threaten, or incite hatred, fear, or violence against, a group or individual based on race, ethnicity, national origin, immigration status, caste, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual or gender orientation),

Is it possible to spread hate speech, discrimination, or dangerous conduct via the YumyHub subscription model?

No. The YumyHub subscription model makes it more challenging for anyone to produce and disseminate anything that can be construed as threatening, discriminatory, or hate speech. Our subscription-based business model also stops content from “getting viral.”

On YumyHub, anonymous posting is not permitted. Users must successfully pass our stringent identity verification procedures in order to subscribe to content or post content on YumyHub. This means that, in contrast to many other digital media platforms, YumyHub is aware of the true identities of all of its users. Users on YumyHub are less likely to try to publish or disseminate hate speech, discriminatory, or threatening material because our users are not anonymous and YumyHub lacks end-to-end encryption.

How can YumyHub identify hate speech in content?

There is no end-to-end encryption used by YumyHub. Our group of qualified reviewers can see everything on the website, including direct messaging.

YumyHub constantly checks its platform for content that might be posted in violation of its terms of service or acceptable use policy, and it looks into any allegations of alleged threats, hate speech, or other forms of discrimination.
YumyHub likewise relies on user reporting, and every post, message, image, and video has a reporting option. Any post, message, image, or video shared on YumyHub may be deleted at any moment by YumyHub.

What happens if YumyHub discovers this kind of abuse taking place on its platform?

YumyHub removes content from the public view as soon as it is discovered—or when someone reports—suspected hate speech, discriminatory behavior, or threatening activity. If the YumyHub Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy have been broken, YumyHub takes the appropriate measures, such as providing a warning, suspending the account, or terminating the account.

How can YumyHub determine whether certain kinds of abuse are present in a direct message or other private post?

There is no end-to-end encryption used by YumyHub. Our group of qualified reviewers can see everything on the website, including direct messaging. On YumyHub, there are no “secret” regions, “hidden” entries, or communications that vanish. Any post, message, image, or video uploaded on the YumyHub platform may be reviewed and removed at any moment by YumyHub.

How do I report allegedly offensive language, prejudice, or threatening behavior?

There is a report button next to each post, message, and account on YumyHub. If you notice any content on YumyHub that you think might constitute hate speech, please click the report button right away or email support@yumyhub1stg.wpenginepowered.com to let us know what you observed.