YumyHub VS OnlyFans Referral Program Comparison

OnlyFans use to offer a Lifetime Referral program with unlimited payout. In 2020, OnlyFans announced that starting May 1, referral earnings will only last for a year – a change that impacted content creators incomes in a serious way. OnlyFans current referral payout is still 5% of the referred creators earnings, but only for the […]

Become a Creator on YumyHub 

1. Create An Account First It is completely free and safe to create a YumyHub account. It makes sense to include YumyHub in your social media channels if you already have a sizable following and active users on other platforms. YumyHub is ideal for well-known creators to provide followers with exclusive content they can only […]

Should I become a Creator on YumyHub?

All Genres of Creators Are Welcome Let’s overcome the first obstacle. All content creators who are at least 18 years old can interact with their audience and monetize their work via YumyHub. Artists, chefs, designers, explorers, influencers, makeup artists, glamor models, producers of pornographic material, musicians, photographers, and wellness experts are just a few of […]