Edit Your YumyHub Videos like a PRO

Most YumyHub content creators edit their own video content. Since there are so many free and inexpensive editing tools available, anyone can create professional-looking content. Any program you choose is a great place to start if you want to learn how to edit videos. Which tool suits you and your content the best is entirely up to you.


Canva’s video editing tools shouldn’t be disregarded even though their program is best known for editing photographs. The user experience score of Canva’s video editing software is excellent. Canva is a fantastic tool for editing videos meant for social media because of its simple-to-use templates.

A vast collection of images, stock video, audio effects, and graphics are available on Canva. As opposed to, instance, a large-scale video editing production, Canva is ideal for short films or social media videos.

For individuals, Canva offers two different pricing options.


You may learn how to utilize WeVideo’s software and develop your artistic video talents at their academy. Their courses will assist you in improving your videos, from color keying and green screen techniques to adding and altering your audio.

Their blog is a fantastic source of inspiration as well.


You have undoubtedly seen a video that was edited with CapCut if you have spent any time watching videos online. Due to its many user-friendly video editing features, Capcut appears to be the favored video editing program among many social media creators.

The program supports auto-captioning, backdrop removal for green screens, chroma keys, and camera stabilization, among other features. Not to mention the fundamentals, such as flipping the camera, altering the frame rate, adding transitions, or even adding text.

Use of CapCut is totally free.


With Veed.io, it’s simple to do a lot because you can adjust your aspect ratio depending on the social media network you’re using. The editing program from Veed.io prioritizes social networking in its features and templates.

In addition to allowing you to adjust your video’s aspect ratio for different social media platforms, Veed.io also transcribes and adds closed captions for the significant portion of viewers who watch videos on mute.

Veed.io offers a free, feature-constrained version with a watermark.


Clideo was created to offer a simple user interface. Clideo, which has rave reviews, is recommended by inexperienced video editors who seek a simple and quick approach to edit their videos. For those who want to start editing videos, it is the ideal tool.

Clideo excels the most in the storage area, though. Clideo and Google Drive have been combined, which makes storing simpler. Clideo may also charge clients at a far lower pricing point than some of the other online video editing products because to the offsite storage.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is an excellent place to start if you’d like to experiment with more sophisticated video editing tools. Professionals use it for a variety of tasks, including linear editing, color grading, VFX, motion graphics, and more.

DaVinci Resolve’s entry-level edition is similarly totally free to use, though you may always upgrade to the Studio edition.


For YumyHub creators who edit their own video content, Splice is one of the most popular video editing tools. The fact that Splice includes a full music library with no royalties to pay is one advantage. Splice’s ability to submit content directly to social media from the app is another significant benefit for YumyHub creators.

Even beginners will find the software to be very easy, but you can also add elegant effects like a blur or combine various audio recordings.

Splice provides a free trial and in-app purchases for upgrades.

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