Go Live on YumyHub

Why Go Live on YumyHub?

Live streaming on YumyHub has a lot of advantages!

  • Live engagement with your fans. By communicating with your viewers in real-time while streaming on YumyHub, you can develop stronger bonds with them.
  • Show off your true self to your fans. Authenticity is everything in the world of content creation! Live streaming is a fantastic method to present yourself as you are—unfiltered and unedited. Fans will like watching the honest behind-the-scenes experience on your feed.
  • Make the most of your offline activities. You can use streaming to share whatever is happening in real life. Live music performances and athletic tournaments are both excellent sources of streaming entertainment. Display your skills in real time. Regardless of their genre, every YumyHub creator has the option to go live. For creators and their fans, live streams are especially popular in the fields of cuisine, music, comedy, gaming, and beauty.
  • Earn money! You have access to a number of options on YumyHub to monetize your live stream. You can charge “ticket prices” to access the stream, fans can give you tips, or anything in between.

How to Go Live on YumyHub

YumyHub makes live streaming really easy. Here are 4 easy steps:

  1. Click the “GO LIVE” button to begin setup.
  2. Turn on your camera and microphone.
  3. Optimize stream settings.
  4. Click “START LIVE VIDEO” to start streaming.

YumyHub Co-Streaming

You’ll find YumyHub’s virtually limitless content choices once you’ve become used to live streaming. Co-streaming might be a terrific method to start live streaming if you have never done it before. Interacting with another creator can help you feel more at ease and more self-assured.

Additionally, working together is enjoyable and offers a wonderful chance to connect with a brand-new audience. Simply start a broadcast and accept the invitation to join from your co-creator to co-stream! This is how:

  1. Settle on a time, then one person starts streaming.
  2. The other should go to their collaborators page & request to join.
  3. Host can either reject or accept co-stream request.
  4. Once accepted fans from both accounts can tune in.

How to Make Money on YumyHub Streaming

Live broadcasting may definitely be profitable! On YumyHub, there are two ways to monetize your live streams:

  • Tips: YumyHub’s tipping feature, which is available on posts and videos, can help you make money while streaming. On both solo and co-streams, your fans can tip you as a creator.
  • Payment-Gated Streams: You can only do this with free accounts, and it allows you to charge fans to join and view your livestream. $5 is the lowest “ticket price.” Anyone who wants to stream something unique or who specializes in live performances would benefit greatly from this.

Going live is a fun and effective method to give your fans a more genuine and less curated view of you as a creator. Try it out! We believe both you and your fans will be happy you did.

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