Australia GST

Please take note that this notification addresses the GST (sales tax) obligations we have for contributions from Australian Fans. Please read the help sections if you are a fan located outside of Australia to learn about any applicable sales taxes.

Recent legislation in many nations mandates the application of sales tax to purchases made on “internet marketplaces.” Since these regulations were written and are being applied in a way that affects many various business kinds, including YumyHub, they were initially intended to apply to bigger streaming providers.

Certain Australian Fan Payments made through YumyHub include GST.

An additional line item for GST will appear on your receipt if GST is charged on your payment.

YumyHub will pay your local government in full with the GST it has collected. This payment’s component does not incur any additional fees.

Why is online material subject to GST?

According to Australian law, GST is charged on “any form of supply whatsoever,” including digital content, when money is exchanged.

Which payments are going to be changed?

Australian Fans’ payments to Australian Content Creators won’t be subject to GST. GST will only be charged to certain types of payments made by Australian Fans to Content Creators based outside of Australia.

GST would not be applicable under Australian law to any payment that is made that is NOT related to a supply of anything. In other words, GST will not be charged to gratuities paid by an Australian fan to content creators who are located outside of Australia.

What is the GST fee I will be incurred?

You will be charged 10% more if your payment is GST-eligible.

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