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Laws requiring “online marketplaces” to collect and remit sales taxes have recently been passed in a number of nations. Because of how these regulations were drafted and how they are being applied, many different kinds of businesses, like YumyHub, are being impacted, despite the fact that they were initially intended for larger streaming services.

You might see an extra tax charged to your payment starting on January 1, 2021. If we must collect Sales Tax, GST, VAT, or the local equivalent because you live in that area, we shall do so and remit the money to your local taxing authority. Your location and the type of payment being made will determine whether or not sales tax is added to your Fan Payment.

The list of countries where YumyHub is now obligated to collect sales tax, goods and services tax, value-added tax, or local equivalents, as well as the applicable tax rate, is provided below.

Country Tax Rate
Albania VAT 20%
Australia GST The AU GST
Bahrain VAT 10%
Belarus VAT 20%
Cambodia VAT 10%
 Canada (by province)    
Alberta GST 5%
British Columbia GST + PST 12%
Manitoba GST + PST 12%
New Brunswick's HST 15%
Newfoundland and Labrador  HST 15%
Northwest Territories GST 5%
Nova Scotia  HST 15%
Nunavut GST 5%
Ontario HST 13%
Prince Edward Island HST 15%
Quebec GST + QST 14.975%
Saskatchewan GST + PST 11%
Yukon GST 5%
Chile VAT 19%
Colombia VAT 19%
Costa Rica VAT 13%
Ecuador VAT 12%
Georgia VAT 18%
Iceland VAT 24%
India VAT 18%
Indonesia VAT 11%
Japan Consumption tax 10%
Kazakhstan VAT 12%
Kenya VAT 16%
Malaysia SST 6%
Mexico VAT 16%
Moldova VAT 20%
Morocco VAT 20%
Nigeria VAT 7.5%
Norway VAT 25%
New Zealand GST 15%
Oman VAT 5%
Puerto Rico SUT 11.5%
Russia VAT 20%
South Africa VAT 15%
Saudi Arabia VAT 15%
Serbia VAT 20%
Singapore GST 7%
South Korea VAT 10%
Switzerland VAT 7.7%
Taiwan VAT 5%
Tanzania VAT 18%
Thailand VAT 7%
Turkey VAT 18%
EU and the UK VAT 5% Value Added Tax
Ukraine VAT 20%
Uruguay VAT 22%
USA Sales Tax Visit USA Sales Tax

We will maintain this page up to date while continuously reviewing our tax requirements.

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