How to Gain and Keep Your Fans on YumyHub

When establishing up a YumyHub account, the three most often questions asked by influencers and content creators are how to gain subscribers, keep them, and avoid upsetting your current fan base. This blog answers these questions and provides some straightforward advice to help you manage your fans during the changeover from a free fan to a paid subscriber.

You have developed a following of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of fans because you are an established content creator or influencer who is adept at producing content that appeals to a broad audience. Given the number of influential people and content producers that are now engaged, this is a big accomplishment. There is intense competition for consumers’ attention. Instagram alone has over 1 billion monthly active users, with 60% of those people coming in daily and generating 3.5 billion likes.

Creating a YumyHub account is easy, but earning money from YumyHub on a consistent basis requires a little more strategic planning. Once your YumyHub account is active, you have your own URL address, and you have uploaded some content, all you need to do is share your link on popular social networking platforms to start getting subscribers from your engaged fan base. However, if people sign up and discover exactly the same content as your main stream content, they’ll definitely get a little upset and possibly stop subscribing the following month. This could negatively affect your fanbase, which is not ideal. Therefore, keep in mind the “Exclusive Yumy” content you will be providing for your subscribers as you plan your YumyHub launch.

Exclusive Content is Key

Success on YumyHub depends on having exclusive content. Your YumyHub account needs to regularly produce exclusive content if you want to keep your subscribers, keep them interested, and keep them subscribing month after month.

The type of content your fans want and how frequently they expect to see it will be crystal clear to you as the content creator. In this respect, YumyHub is similar to other sites. Just because you now have people subscribing does not mean that you must increase the frequency or create stuff that you are not comfortable providing. Most essential, your exclusive content must be something that your mainstream audience will never be able to access. It should be an exclusive extension of your mainstream content.

Included in this content are:

  • Images and behind the scenes footage
  • Longer instructional tutorials
  • Full video workouts
  • A day in the life
  • Detailed travel reviews
  • Long-form beauty tutorials
  • In-depth product reviews

Keep a Social Platform Balance

The creation of your exclusive content for YumyHub shouldn’t take up all of your attention, turning your present mainstream social media networks into nothing more than a means of advertising. Since not everyone can subscribe, finding the appropriate balance by keeping your current mainstream material for followers is essential. YumyHub was created to enable you to consistently make money off the unique content you produce, which is funded by fans who are prepared to pay a subscription fee to access it. Therefore, the more fans and followers you continue to get on your major channels will undoubtedly increase your chance of attracting new subscribers, therefore you shouldn’t ignore these channels and their followers.

So, before starting your YumyHub journey, think about and plan your content strategy. While developing exclusive content for YumyHub fans, you must continue to produce normal mainstream content for your mainstream social media channels. You should also create some teaser and promotional content to draw attention to your exclusive YumyHub content. If you can do this, you will not only maintain the satisfaction of all of your fans across all of your platforms, but you will also provide a respectable monthly income to sustain you as the content creator.

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