How To Make Money On YumyHub

No matter if you’re a huge or small creator account, you have the ability to profit on YumyHub. This is due to the YumyHub platform’s extensive monetization options, which enable you to transform your interests and talents into sources of money. You’ll be well-positioned for success on YumyHub if you have a firm grasp of these features. Let’s get started with YumyHub’s earning potential!

Paid Subscriptions

By far, creators on YumyHub prefer to monetize their content through paid subscriptions. By choosing the paid subscription option, you’re establishing a paywall on all of your YumyHub content. Your posts, stories, or streams will only be visible to users who pay your monthly subscription fee.

You as a creator can gain greatly from paid subscriptions because they:

Bring consistency and predictability to your earnings by immediately generating exclusivity and curiosity around your content.

Create concrete benefits from all of your efforts.

Encourage and appreciate your subscribers’ and fans’ loyalty.

Make producing content immensely profitable.

It goes without saying that paywalling your entire YumyHub account won’t be enough to draw in new subscribers. The built-in marketing initiatives and subscription packages play a role in this.

Simply said, promotional campaigns let you provide discounts that range from 5% to 100% off the cost of your monthly subscription in order to attract new customers. However, with subscription packages, you may give devoted customers who pre-pay for a number of months a discount ranging from 5% to 70%.

Go to “Settings” and select “Subscription price and bundles” to specify a subscription price or discount.

Paid Posts

We must emphasize that free YumyHub accounts can still generate income. Actually, a lot of creators with free subscription accounts make an equivalent amount of money as those with paid subscription accounts.

Adding a paywall to some of your posts is one method to earn money with a free account. Paid posts stand out in your feed right away as being unique to subscribers.

If your subscribers are enjoying your YumyHub content, they could be willing to pay more to satisfy their curiosity.

Go to “Compose New Post” and select the “Post price” icon to enable paid postings.

Paid Messages

Unlike paid postings, paid messages (also known as PPV messages) are accessible through both free and paid subscription accounts. They provide your fans the option to pay to watch a range of content and enable you to communicate with some or all of your fans via direct message.

Because you must interact with your viewers directly with PPV messages, they are especially powerful. When done properly, fans will experience your most unique content as if they were personally invited to view it.

Creators with free YumyHub pages receive an additional benefit! You can configure your account to require a tip before a fan can message you. You will only get messages from fans who genuinely value you and your content in this way.

As a whole, YumyHub’s messaging feature is a strong tool you may utilize to engage with your fans more deeply. A lot of creators take the effort to personally welcome new subscribers and send out mass messages with important updates and deals to all of their fans.

Live Streaming

The capability to charge people to access your live streams is another feature that is restricted to free accounts. Consider the sale of tickets to live events like concerts, classes, or fashion shows when comparing PPV streams (also known as “Payment Gated Streams”). Additionally, you can select your ticket price to as little as $5!

Fans now have a completely new way to interact with their favorite creators because of streaming. They foster a sense of sincerity, closeness, and camaraderie between creators and their fans. You may even co-stream with another creator to share the revenue from going live!


Your fans have the option to express their gratitude by leaving you a tip. Subscribers can tip directly to your profile, on your posts, through messages, during streams, and on your stories as long as your page has five or more posts.

Many creators provide exclusive content or participation in exchange for a certain tip amount on their tip menus!


Your followers are curious about your values, including your commitment to certain charity causes. A fantastic approach to show your fans this aspect of you while also earning money for a worthwhile cause is through fundraising on YumyHub.

Just create a post outlining your fundraising and specify a donation goal. Click “Post” after selecting your preferred donation level!

Use Your Creativity to Make Money!

Now that you are familiar with YumyHub’s monetization options, it’s time to consider creating a unique strategy for earning money.

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