Make Money With YumyHub Live Streams

Did you know that you can earn money from live streaming on YumyHub with a wide range of genres? The good news is that you can simply monetise your streams and establish a unique connection with your audience regardless of whether you have a free or paid account. Continue reading to see how making money from YumyHub live streaming works.

Why Should I Live Stream on YumyHub?

Live streaming is a tremendously effective approach to promote your content, display your true self, and establish a close, private relationship with your audience. It can also be a ton of fun and a terrific way to establish yourself as a YumyHub creator. You might be missing out if YumyHub live streaming isn’t a part of your content strategy.

Why Should I Monetize My Live Streams on YumyHub?

Thanks to YumyHub’s built-in monetization tools, live streaming is a viable way for content creators to earn money. You can generate money during your entire live stream from beginning to end, which is another great method to capitalize on your talents and skills.

How Can I Earn Money Live Streaming on YumyHub?

Tipping and payment gated streams are the two main ways to monetize your live streams on YumyHub.


The YumyHub tipping tool enables your followers to tip your profile, posts, videos, direct messages, and streams. The target feature allows you to select a monetary goal you want to achieve. If you’re trying to raise money for nonprofit organizations, this is useful.

On live streams, tipping can help you make a lot of money, and viewers can tip creators on both a solo stream and a co-stream that is run in cooperation with others. If you want to make a specific amount of money while streaming, you can establish a tip target that your viewers can pay you during the session.

Payment Gated Streams

Put your stream behind a paywall, commonly known as a payment gated stream, to earn money from live streaming on YumyHub. You can do this to create an entry fee so that viewers must pay to watch your live session. If you intend to perform as an actor, release an exclusive song as a musician, or operate a thorough hair and makeup tutorial as an influencer, a payment gated stream is a smart option. However, the choice is ultimately yours. You can showcase any of your talents behind a payment gated stream.

Only free accounts on YumyHub have access to this feature, and the lowest “ticket price” you may set for the live video is $5.

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