Things To Do After Joining YumyHub

You’ve made the decision to create a YumyHub account, signed up, and are now ready to get going. Following a thorough analysis of the tactics used by the top YumyHub creators, we have compiled a list of the very first steps you should follow after signing up. The ten tasks to do after joining YumyHub are listed below. Read them, make notes, and get motivated!

1. Decide On The Right Subscription Price

The average subscription fee falls between $9.99 and $15.99 per month, however YumyHub creators are free to set their own rates between $4.99 and $49.99 per month. Consider the kind of content you’re producing and the frequency of your planned content updates when determining your price.

Remember that when people subscribe to your content, they want to feel like they are receiving a fair value for their money. We advise beginning with a price that feels reasonable to you and is in the same range as your mutuals, then evaluating. Always keep in mind that you can change your rate in the future!

2. Always, Always, Always Promote!

If you don’t spread the word, no one will be aware that you are providing superb content at the ideal price. Thankfully, there are lots of effective ways to advertise your YumyHub account.

Cross-promotion is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to advertise your YumyHub. This marketing term refers to including a link to YumyHub in all of your other social media accounts, blogs, websites, and newsletters. People who follow you on other websites will definitely find it interesting to learn that you are also on YumyHub!

3. Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

Expecting to gain a ton of subscribers overnight simply by promoting your YumyHub link is unrealistic. Advertising is key to your success. It’s time to give your audience a clear picture of the content they can expect from your YumyHub by subscribing!

Short clips or teasers of your YumyHub content can persuade viewers to subscribe, just like a movie trailer does for moviegoers to buy tickets. Post your teasers on all of your social media platforms to show your followers what they are missing on YumyHub.

When you link your Twitter account to YumyHub, the software will automatically create a “sneak preview” post each time you add new content to YumyHub.

4. Engage Your Fans

Successful YumyHub creators have two things in common: they routinely interact with their audience and post fresh content. Communicating and being consistent are essential.

Establish and follow a posting schedule. A subscriber is more likely to stay with you if they know they can count on new content coming out at a regular pace. By answering their comments and direct messages (DMs), maintain contact with your followers in between updates. Make sure your followers feel like they belong in your online community!

5. Use Pay-Per-View Messages To Your Advantage

Utilizing the PPV messaging feature, you may charge for your most premium YumyHub content via direct messages. The people who are willing to pay extra for more of your amazing material are your superfans, and PPV messages are a great method to identify them!

While you’re at it, spend some time investigating all the options available to you while using the YumyHub messaging system. You can use it, for instance, to send:

  • Several exclusive media types (like photos, videos, and audio files)
  • Automated greetings (to introduce yourself to new subscribers)
  • Broadcasts to all of your followers
  • Requests for tips (followers can send you tips straight through DM!)

6. Reserve Special Content For PPV

The PPV model for YumyHub creators extends far beyond paywalling your messages. Utilizing PPV posts and live streaming, some accounts have experienced great success.

Put yourself in your fans’ shoes while deciding which material to offer via PPV. What will people be willing to pay more for in order to see from you? Choose the unique content you’ll offer via PPV with care. Make sure it’s intriguing, amusing, and engaging enough to be worth keeping behind a barrier.

7. Find Out Who Your Audience Is

YumyHub is a platform made especially for fostering bonds between creators and fans. We’ve created a ton of features for creators to use to communicate with their subscribers because of this.

For instance, you could conduct a survey among your followers to find out what kind of content they would like to see from you in the future. In order to find out what’s working best for you, you need monitor your statistics.

8. Run Special Offers And Discounts

There is still a use for coupons. Offering promotional discounts on occasion on your YumyHub account is a terrific way to attract new fans or keep hold of existing ones all year long.

A special occasion, a particular season, or a particular cause should be tied into your promotional discount strategy. Such promotions can be a “Grateful For My Fans Sale” in November or a “Get In Shape With Me In 2023” campaign in January. Aside from that, we make it simple to monitor the success of your campaigns!

9. Think About Opening A Free Account

There are several ways to consider what a free account can do for you as a YumyHub creator. You can choose to make a free account your main YumyHub presence at first. You’ll probably get more subscribers overall if you provide supporters a free subscription option. Free-account creators typically make money from tips and PPV content (messages, posts, and streaming)!

Another strategy is to simultaneously offer a free account and a paid account while setting up a tiered subscription structure. By doing this, you can draw a large number of users into your ecosystem with the intention of turning them into paying customers. Almost like a VIP area.

10. Cross-Promote And Collaborate

Similar to other social media platforms, YumyHub lets you tag other creators in posts. Working together on photos, videos, and even livestreams with other platform creators is a terrific way to reach out to new audiences and promote yourself and your content. Collaboration is enjoyable and an effective means of overcoming creators block.

Never undervalue the impact a straightforward shout-out from a well-known YumyHub may have on raising your visibility. Don’t be afraid to request one from a creator you respect. Then, when you’re in a position to assist a newbie, be generous and give them a shout out as well!

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