Ways to Promote Your YumyHub Account

You recently created a YumyHub account and are hoping to expand your fan following and draw in new subscribers. Or you might be a seasoned YumyHub creator searching for advice on how to improve your profile. Here are five strategies to help you market your YumyHub profile, regardless of where you are in your content development process.

Social Media

A fantastic place to start is by cross-promoting your YumyHub account on all of your social media platforms. If you’ve amassed a devoted following on social media, your followers will be curious to find that you are also on YumyHub! To let your admirers know, provide a link to your page or include it in your bio.

You can choose to create a “sneak preview” post for Twitter whenever you publish something new on YumyHub by linking your Twitter account to your profile (Settings > Account). Simply select the Twitter symbol after clicking “Compose new post”! This is a fantastic approach to inform your Twitter followers that they must subscribe to your YumyHub in order to view the full post!

Even better, by integrating your Twitter account, you can obtain the desired “verified checkmark” next to your name on YumyHub. Who would object to being verified?

Forums And Discussion Websites

When it comes to advertising your YumyHub account, social media platforms are by no means your only choice! By marketing their accounts on forums or discussion websites like Reddit, several creators have achieved success. You may focus on the precise niche that matches your content on forums because they frequently categorize posts by interests. In contrast to more general social media platforms, it’s a terrific approach to attract new followers who will become devoted admirers. Just be sure to review the forum guidelines. In some of these online areas, self-promotion is restricted.

Newsletters, Personal Websites And Blogs

Make sure to include your YumyHub link there if you have a personal website or blog. For the devoted fans (or superfans) who desire access to unique content and chances to interact with their favorite creators, many creators use their YumyHub like a fan club.

Despite the fact that we typically consider newsletters to be archaic, statistics demonstrate that direct email marketing consistently outperforms many other marketing techniques! People who subscribe to your newsletter are just as likely (if not more likely) to subscribe to your YumyHub as those who follow your social media accounts. Email may be incredibly engaging and personalized.

In conclusion, promote YumyHub if you have a mailing list or newsletter! And if you don’t already have one, it might be time to consider starting one.


Working together with another YumyHub creator is a great approach to expand both of your accounts! You can work together to create blogs and videos, or even set up a co-stream.

When you collaborate with someone who creates material that is comparable to your own, there is a good probability that their audience will enjoy yours as well. Alternately, team up with someone whose content is completely unrelated to your own and reach a completely new audience. Collaboration is enjoyable and frequently beneficial to all parties involved!

Promotional Subscription Discounts

Everyone enjoys having a sense of having gotten a terrific deal. There’s a good reason why coupons have been used for so long. Promotional discounts are a fantastic method to grow your YumyHub audience, keep your current fans, earn money, and thrive!

Why not attempt providing discounts for promotional purposes on YumyHub? You can choose to focus on either potential subscribers or fans whose subscriptions have expired. Discounts typically last 30 days and vary from 5% to 100%. Potential fans might only only a small discount to sign up for the first time!

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