Your Yumy Content will never be Banned

In the Summer of 2021, OnlyFans announced that it would be banning sexually explicit content before it received immense backlash and retracted the statement.

As another attempt to distance itself from sexual content, OnlyFans launched an app, OnlyFansTV, that centers safe-for-work content.

Many of OnlyFans creators felt the sting of being turned away by a business they helped build.

Your Yumy Content Will Never Be Banned

YumyHub was launched to give back the peace of mind and security creators once had. YumyHub will never ban the ability for creators to post sexually explicit content.

Creators will never have to worry about their source of income being taken away. YumyHub is committed to offering a safe platform where creators and users can both feel confident that the ability to post and view Yumy content is something they can always count on.

Yumy Content is the cornerstone of YumyHub. Without Yumy Content there is no HUB. We at YumyHub completely understand this and will forever stand up and fight for our creators and users.

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